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Macros centered around Asian horror and/or extreme films.
Welcome! This is a community for image macros of Asian horror and/or extreme movies - basically, images from or relating to Asian horror/extreme movies with text slapped onto them. Image macros of any remakes of these films are also welcome.

This community has a few simple rules:

#1: Only macros of Asian horror/extreme movies and/or their remakes are allowed to be posted here. I will also accept pictures of other types of visual media, but only if they have Asian horror-related text on them. The only exception to this is if you are linking to a multi-fandom post featuring such macros.

#2: Please do not disable comments to the posts you make in this community.

#3: Absolutely no flaming or trolling.

#4: If you are posting a particularly large macro (over 700 pixels wide), or several at once, please be considerate and put them behind an LJ cut.

#5: If your macros contain sex, nudity, curse words, gore, or anything overly creepy please put them behind an LJ cut with the appropriate warnings. LJ cuts and the appropriate warnings must also be used if your macros contain anything that could be considered a massive spoiler.

#6: When posting macros, it would be very helpful if you could also include the name(s) of the movie(s) used.

#7: It is acceptable to post a blank screenshot/promo image/etc. (or several) with a caption request. Please do not post blank images without a request.

#8: No off-topic posts or spam. Any such posts will be deleted. No exceptions.

#9: No posting of videos.

#10: No advertising or promoting.

#11: Have fun! :P

This community is maintained and moderated by aimznemesis.

Handy links:

- roflbot - An image macro generator. Here you can make macros without having to use a photo program such as Photoshop.
- AutoMotivator - A motivational poster generator, made by the same folks who made roflbot.

Shameless pimpage:

- asianhorroricon - an icon and graphics community dedicated to Asian horror/extreme cinema.
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